Belmont Meats


PURPOSE: Belmont needs to develop artwork for the launch of its product line -  PURE Burgers™ (frozen) to target Healthy Eaters and tap into the Good-for-You territory. The task is to create an artwork that would build the brand’s bold, bright, unconventional and witty brand’s character that serves up a real-food experience while delivering its message.


• Current burgers/ patties’ artwork, including competition, are devoid of colours, character and any sense of enjoyment due to the tasteless, staged food photography and sterile aesthetics. Most of the images of fully served burgers are overused by food service providers (e.g. McDonalds, A&W, etc.) and lost its appeal to consumers. 

• One of the biggest obstacles to buying organic foods is convenience, not consumer attitudes. To address this obstacle, Belmont came up with an idea of 4-pack burgers instead of 6 burgers in a pack that is the current standard on the market. 

• Another challenge that consumers are bombarded with many product attributes (up to 10 claims) on a single packaging. So, there is a confusion among many consumers who don’t truly understand the difference between Organic, Grass Fed and Raised Without Antibiotics.


BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The Burger has nothing to hide. We have ONLY natural and ONLY simple spices, kitchen cupboard friendly ingredients (e.g. sea salt, pepper, rosemary, etc). We source ONLY the best meat available on the market to have all good-for-you claims: Organic, 100% Grass Fed, Raised Without Antibiotics, Free from Hormones, Gluten Free, GMO Free, No Animal By-Products, No artificial Colours or Flavours, No Allergens, Canadian Farm Raised (for Chicken and Turkey)